Strobe 1CH 4A

Fiyatı: 240$ + VAT


The Number of Output: 1 Ch
Output Voltage & Current: 4 A, 36 V
Total Output Power: 4 Watt
Input voltage: 24 V, 2 A
Cut-off Time: 0,15k µs
Timing Input: Optical Isolated 5-32 V
Integrated Voltage Upgrade: Have
Computer Control: Yes (Optional)
Thermal Protection: Have
Continuous Operation Mode: Have
External Voltage Supply: Have
Dimensions: 10,2 cm x 3,5 cm x 11,8 cm

Industrial LED drivers are power supplies that feed and control LED lamps in industrial lighting systems. Here are the advantages of using industrial LED drivers:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Industrial LED drivers enable more efficient use of energy, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to traditional lighting systems. This can help businesses reduce their energy costs.

  2. Low Heat Production: LED drivers produce less heat during the process of converting energy to light. This feature ensures that drivers operate at lower temperatures in industrial environments, reducing the risk of overheating.

  3. Longevity and Durability: Industrial LED drivers are typically long-lasting and durable. They require less maintenance, lowering operational costs.

  4. Low Maintenance Costs: Due to the long lifespan of both LEDs and LED drivers, maintenance costs are reduced. Issues such as lamp replacement and driver failures occur less frequently.

  5. Waveform Control: Some industrial LED drivers offer waveform control. This allows for smoother dimming of LEDs, providing more precise control over desired lighting levels.

  6. Resistance and Reliability: LED drivers used in industrial settings are often resistant to impacts, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. This resilience ensures suitability for challenging industrial conditions.

  7. Low Electromagnetic Interference: Industrial LED drivers can be designed with low levels of electromagnetic interference. This minimizes potential interactions with other electronic equipment.

  8. Smart Control Capabilities: Some industrial LED drivers can be integrated with smart lighting systems. This may include features such as energy management and remote control.

These advantages of industrial LED drivers offer various benefits for businesses, including energy savings, low maintenance costs, and more reliable lighting systems.